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Claim...already given the go but just to let others know...

Muse :: Die [Dir en Grey]

Name :: Andou Daisuki, Die

Player :: Mel [AndouDaisuki]

Journal ::Dieforme21
Occupation :: Cop @ none


Appearance :: Bright red hair with black roots top his head in a mess of spikes making him stand out in his uniform but blend in with the crowd in the seedy nightlife of Tokyo. During the day he wears the guise of a cop, a meticulous need for perfection in his job. At night he can be found dressed all in black deep in the club scene. He’s never far from his pack of cigarettes a trademark as sure as his red hair.
Background :: Born of a street whore Die struggled all his life to rise above it all. His mother, while a whore, was a shrewd one. When Die turned 12 she tried to sell him to a man for a measly 100,000. He ran away from home that night. He found a place in a brothel as a message runner, the women caring for him out of guilt perhaps for their own aborted children. He spent his early teens curled in bed with a new ‘mother’ every night, his shivering form pressed against silk clad perfumed skin as the sound of sex carried through thin walls. At 13 he learned the pleasures that his body had to offer at the hands of an older woman. That was also the year he was to begin public school. At the break of each day he was sent off with much tearful good-byes from whatever bed he had found a home in the night before. At 16 he saw his first dead body and just knew what he wanted to be. He had stared at the brutal scene and watched as the cops came. They had all looked so detached, joking as they tried to keep their minds away from the horror. He studied avidly from then on, anything he could get his hands on related to the subject. When he graduated with top marks he was a coveted student for any academy. He was not long after an upstanding member of the police force, though he never out grew the needs his roots had instilled in him. He craved the Tokyo underworld.

Activities :: Never far from the pleasures of his youth Die can be found most nights hidden in the shadows of The nine Spiral. He is careful to stay hidden, not wanting his reputation tarnished. If not there he revisits the house of his youth, laying between expensive sheets in the red light district with a beautiful woman draped over him.

Ideals/Motivation :: Because of his mothers actions as a child Die can be a bit mistrusting of others. He is always looking for the inner motive in their actions. He is also surprisingly a bit mistrustful of his own sex. He remembers the cold lustful stare of his mothers Johns eyes on him and cannot stand to be touched by other men.

Attitude :: “Whores are all the same, they all care about one thing, your money. You can trust that that’s all they will ever want from you.”

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