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Dance the Spiral

[Characters: Daishi, Hitsugi; R]

Nine Spiral was a bit more upscale than what Daishi was probably used to, but if Yomi had suggested it, it seemed good enough. And strip joints were always fun and it tended to cater to Daishi's tastes, not that Yomi knew that. He was thinking more of the women in the short Kimonos and the white painted faces of the geisha for Daishi. Oh how wrong Yomi was.

The former bosozoku found himself in Kabukicho. It didn't look like much on the outside but inside... it wasn't your average strip club. From the looks of things and what he'd been told, you picked your own dancer from a menu and got your own private dance. It had been an interesting concept... and Daishi was game for just about anything.

Daishi strode up the the front gates, wondering just how they screened the joint. No bouncer had crossed him at the gate. Several painted female hosts greeted him, and escorted him to a secluded table. Daishi accepted their offering of fine sake as he opened the leather booklet and eyed the dancers' profiles, seeking something specific. A boy in drag would do nicely tonight, the more exaggerated, the better. Daishi eyed the pole in the middle of the table. From where he sat, he could have a nice view of garters...

A hostess gave him some time before returning to ask about which one he would like and for how long. So much like choosing a drink from the menu or your favorite dish. Traditional screens and the silhouettes of other dancers could be seen.

"Have you made your choice, sir?" The hostess smiled pleasantly as she refilled Daishi's sake.

Daishi had his eyes on several, but it seemed that many of his choices weren't on staff that evening. "This one." he replied, gesturing to a photo of a small, somewhat stocky boy in thick eyeliner and garters. He didn't pass as well as some of the others, but he looked spry and lithe, with a dangerous, hungry gleam in his eyes.

The hostess looked at the picture that was pointed out to her. "Ah. Hitsugi. He's a good choice." She smiled, "How long would you like with him?"

Daishi's brow furrowed. "Hitsugi? What's with the name, he got a disease or something?" he asked. "Ah. Give me say, half an hour for now, okay? " He could always ask for more, if the experience proved to be more pleasant than the name.

The hostess smiled. "Not exactly and he'll be with your shortly." With a smile and a sway of her hips she left Daishi to wait for his dancer and enjoy his warm sake.

Daishi nodded. What an odd name...unless the boy was just trying to be gothic. Well, as long as he danced well and allowed Daishi a good view of his panties, names didn't matter.


The hostess returned a few minutes later with the dancer called Hitsugi in tow. The dancer was short, dressed in a very short kimono that left little to the imagination. Garters to match the kimono, which hinted at a matching thong. The sleeves were flowing and a thin obi was at his waist.

Dark eyes, encased in pitch black eyeliner took in Daishi from behind a fan. Hitsugi's hair was black and bright red, soft tufts of hair were spiked every which way... and then the music started...

Daishi licked the sake from his lips and watched the painted dancer climb onto the table, catlike. He was a bit nervous himself, having never experienced a private show, but he at least knew how to keep a poker face.

Hitsugi knew how to tease and be graceful at the same time. The dancer smiled as he finally snapped the fan closed and let it disappear into his sleeve. The now empty hand took hold of the pole, where he moved around it and against it with the beat of the music.

Clinging to the pole, he let his other hand toy with the obi, watching his client's face, trying to gage to tease more... or let it go. The kimono was already falling off his shoulders, the glitter he'd applied earlier caused the dancer's skin to shimmer. Hitsugi continued smile... looking as sultry as possible.

Daishi smiled, this one was high class. The makeup was flawless, the moves were fluid, and the thong, paper thin. "Hitsugi." Daishi said, with a sip from his sake. "How high can you reach that leg of yours?"

The dancer quirked his lips, the slightly smudged lipstick causing the smirk to be that much more pronounced. Without saying a word, the dancer clung to the pole and lifted his leg. The move gave Daishi a look at everything Hitsugi had to offer, the thong really did leave very little to the imagination.

Daishi watched intently, admiring the delicate lines of satin and elastic running up shaved, muscled thighs. This was the best view he'd had outside of a porno. "How long does it take you to get hard?" Daishi teased. "Dancing doesn't do it for you, ne?"

"Depends on how I'm dancing." Hitsugi finally responded as he let go of the pole, moving to stand right in front of Daishi, finally working the obi off to the beat of the music. As the kimono fell open, exposing the dancer's toned upper body. Hitsugi drew a black laqured fingernail down his own body, watching to see if Daishi's eyes followed the trail, all the way to the waist of the dancer's thong and the bulge there.

Daishi smiled. Nothing was throwing the dancer off. his eyes followed the finger, and he wondered if he should push farther and begin to demand things of Hitsugi. Instead, he waited, watching to see what the dancer would do next.

Hitsugi eyed his client, slowly squatting in front of him, with his legs spread, again giving Daishi a nice view, the kimono pooling around him and still hanging off his elbows. Again the dancer smiled... maybe he would be taken to bed after all.

"What's it take to get you hard, then, Hitsugi?" Daishi whispered huskily, leaning over, pausing barely an inch form his entertainer, to blow a breath of air against the dancer's inner thigh.

"What's it matter, hey?" Hitsugi whispered and drawing a hand over himself. He could already feel himself stirring to life.

"It matters cos I'm paying for passion." Daishi said, "Not a lifeless zombie. By the time my time's up, I want you to be hard and dripping, and begging me for my money cos you want me to take you to some back room and fuck you like the desperate little whore you know you are." Daishi grinned.

Hitsugi raised an eyebrow as he retook the obi and casually flung it behind Daishi's neck and pulled him close to the dancer's lips. "You want more from me? Is that it?" The dancer smirked, very much enjoying this.

"I think maybe it's the other way around." Daishi grinned, brushing his lips against the dancer's lightly.

"Time alone, in private, can be arranged." The dancer said softly as he shifted to his knees, in front of Daishi. Hitsugi took one of the former bosozoku's hands and let it hook in his thong at his hip and left it there. It wasn't often that he let his clients touch like this. But this one was different, Hitsugi could feel it.

Daishi smiled, rubbing his hand along the warm flesh. "What kinda name's Hitsugi, anyway?" he asked. "Sounds like I oughta have a condom covering my hand, even, to be safe."

"Not quite." Hitsugi said with a laugh. "I have a sick sense of humor. As I'm dead to everyone outside of Nine Spiral." Hmmm. His hands did feel good and much to Daishi's delight, Hitsugi was getting hard.

"Why's that, eh?" Daishi asked, moving his hand closer to Hitsugi's crotch. He wanted to grab the whore by the ankles and watch him writhe.

"Because I'm no one. Only Hitsugi... s'all you need to know." The dancer grinned, watching him, not bothering to move his hand and letting him do as he pleased. Hitsugi was never one to start relations like this, however, something about Daishi was different.

"Clients talk to you a lot?" Daishi asked, thumbing the tip of the bulge in the thin satin thong. Hitsugi seemed confident no matter what the crass delinquent threw at him.

Hitsugi shivered at the touch. "Not much. You're one of the few. I take it you like to talk?"

"Yeah." Daishi said, grinning as Hitsugi's back arched in reflex. Getting bolder, he firmly pinched the head, to feel the wetness seep through the satin.

The dancer gasped and found himself pushing into the delinquent's hand. "You dirty boy." he remarked, still smirking.

Daishi laughed, drawing his hand back for the moment, instead trailing it up the dancer's stocking-clad thigh.

"Hm. What's so funny?" The dancer asked as he pulled back, leaving the obi around Daishi's neck. Hitsugi figured that Daishi deserved something... special. The dancer stood, dancing again, arching his back and stretching. When he came back around and in front of Daishi, the thong was riding a lot lower. The satin of the thong straining against his manhood.

"You're all class." Daishi smirked. "Nothing ruffles your feathers."

"Thank you." Hitsugi remarked as he trailed both hands down his body, hooking his thumbs in the front of the thong. Looking for anything in Daishi's face that said that he wanted it.

Daishi nodded once, his expression momentarily gone serious.

The dancer grinned, starting to remove the thong when Hitsugi's time came to an end. No skin for Daishi... for now.

Hitsugi was disappointed, he was looking forward to an exclusive engagement, but alas it would have to be something that Daishi's have to pay more for if he wanted it. Hitsugi hoped that he wanted it, it had been awhile.

Daishi looked Hitsugi in the eyes. "You want some?" he asked slyly.

"I do." Came the reply.

“You have to tell me how bad you want it.” Daishi told the dancer.

"So bad I can't stand it. I want you to fuck me so hard that I can barely walk." Hitsugi whispered, leaning in, the kimono pooling around his body.

Daishi nodded to the hostess and took Hitsugi's hand.

The hostess smiled. "Which room would you like?" She asked, Hitsugi kneeling on the table/stage, waiting for the next order or direction.

The doors were colored, it was up to Daishi to choose, Hitsugi wasn't allowed to pick.

Daishi raised an eyebrow. "Any differences?"

"They're all themed in the traditional sense." The hostess replied, smiling. "A courtly bedroom? A garden? Think of this as your castle and you're the lord. Tell me what you'd favor?"

"A boudoir." Daishi grinned. Fitting for his gartered whore.

"Then I suggest the red door. Hitsugi will be waiting there for you." The hostess smiled as Hitsugi slipped from the stage, his hand leaving Daishi's.

Daishi grinned, finishing his sake before rising to walk to the appointed room.

The door opened easily, it had been unlocked for Daishi. When he entered, the room was covered in silks and tapestries, set to look like one of the old opium dens at the turn of the century.

Hitsugi waited for him, on the large bed in one corner of the room. His makeup hadn't changed, the lipstick still smeared at the corner of his mouth. He was dressed now in a red silk robe, oriental print, it looked quite expensive. Whoever ran this place, spared no expense with his whores.

Hitsugi was watching Daishi, the look akin to a hungry cat.

Daishi eyed Hitsugi first, then the expensive setting. Smirking, he approached the bed.

The dancer had his hip exposed, the thong he was wearing earlier still gracing his hip. Stocking clad thigh exposed for Daishi to see while exposed skin still shimmered in the light.

He lounged like a cat. "Like what you see?"

Daishi licked his lips. "It's not bad." he replied, laying a hand on Hitsugi's thigh and stroking it upwards.

Hitsugi watched him, let him touch, it felt good. With half lidded eyes he gaged the other man, moving his hips just so, allowing Daishi to touch more if he wished. The dancer was already half aroused.

Daishi crept stealthily onto the bed and took hold of Hitsugi's ankles, forcing his legs apart. Leaning in, he trailed a wet line up the dancer's inner thigh with his tongue, pausing at his half aroused manhood. Teasingly, Daishi wrapped his mouth roughly around the bump in the satin and swirled his tounge around it twice, gripping the head slightly with his teeth, before pulling away.

Hitsugi gasped, he was at Daishi's mercy. Not that he minded, he tended to like it rough. "Your name?" He asked.

"Kajinaga Daishi." he replied. Daishi didn't have a reputation that could be sullied like a politician's, he didn't much care if a whore knew his real name.

"Kajinaga..." Hitsugi let it roll off his tounge, smiling as he did so. He liked the way it sounded. "Then do what you will with me. I'm yours for awhile yet."

Daishi nodded, unbuttoning his shirt and letting it slide from his shoulders. "Strip for me." he commanded, lying down on his side, propping himself up on his elbow. "Make it real good."

Hitsugi slipped from the bed, the red silk trailing after him... he let the robe slip off his shoulder as he ran his hands down his torso, slipping into the satin of the thong... purseing his lips slightly but throughly enjoying what he did.

Then the robe came off, pooling at Hitsugi's feet, leaving him in only a thong and stockings. "Would you like to do the honors?" The dancer smirked and offered Daishi the chance to remove the thin undergarment.

Daishi sat up on his heels and pulled the string loose, freeing Hitsugi's member from the sparse fabric. Daishi smirked as he eyed the boy's plain lust. He'd always thought hookers went through the motions like cold fish for money, but Hitsugi was honestly aroused.

The dancer was a different breed of whore. Isshi treated his boys well, not to mention their performance with their clients made them or broke them. Hitsugi never thought he'd be with someone like this, but there was a first time for everything.

Hitsugi reached for Daishi's hand and brought it to his stomach and then guided the hand lower, allowing the former bosozoku to touch as much as he wanted. Hitsugi belonged to Daishi for the next few hours and he would do his best to please the other man.

Daishi let his fingers clutch Hitsugi's member and ran his fingers along the swollen veins, wondering how old the boy was. reaching for his belt buckle, Daishi began to strip himself.

Hitsugi ran his fingers along Daishi's belt buckle. The dancer helped get it undone and then started working on the buttons and the fly. The hand on his member was proving quite distracting.

Daishi slipped free of his pants and kicked them to the side, grinning. His own erection was straining the white cotton of his briefs , and he slid them off as well. Totally nude now, he admired his toy, the sight enough to pull his erection against his stomach.

Well, Daishi was apparently blessed with girth. It made Hitsugi smile and it only served to make him twitch in Daishi's hand. "Mm." Hitsugi wasn't much for words with Daishi's hands on him.

Daishi pulled the whore close and kissed him roughly, pushing their groins together to grind their hips together, groaning slightly at the friction of their heated bodies.

Hitsugi accepted the kiss, welcomed it even, letting his hands dance over the back of his client's neck and then tangling in his hair, clutching at it. The whore let his tounge dance with Daishi's as he ground his hips against the former bosozoku.

This would prove to be the best Hitsugi had in a long time, he was sure of it.

Daishi wasn't as experienced as Hitsugi was, for certain, but he knew how to use his body in the best way for himself, and his lovers. Luckily for him, he was blessed in an area that made him a good lover without much effort.

Hitsugi pushed the former biker back on the bed and then dropping to his knees. If Daishi hadn't noticed yet, the whore's tounge was pierced. The lipstick he wore was more than a bit smeared and he looked up at Daishi as his hands spread Daishi's legs.

Hitsugi moved his hands up the inside of Daishi's thighs while still looking up at his client. Supple fingers fondled Daishi's manhood gently as Hitsugi licked his lips, leaving the stud hidden. He teased a little more with his fingers and then took just the head into his mouth, caressing it with his tounge and the warm metal in his mouth.

Daishi startled slightly, the metal was the last thing he'd expected to feel. It was odd...but very nice. He'd heard friends talk about piercings, but he'd never experienced it himself. He grinned as he clutched Hitsugi's hair and arched his back into the pleasant torment.

Hitsugi hmmed softly and took more of Daishi's girth into his mouth, giving the shaft attention and then pulling off, watching Daishi's face as he licked his client's already straining member.

" 's a nice talent you got there." Daishi grinned. "I want a bit more though..." he whispered huskily.

"Tell me..." Hitsugi replied as he leaned in to suck Daishi's balls, his hand snaking up to give attention to the shaft.

Daishi leaned back with a sigh. This boy was good...he chuckled to himself, imagining the bill this would be racking up, since the boy was letting him have a blow job raw.

"So tell me," Hitsugi said after pulling back from his work, light finger tips playing over Daishi's erection. "What next?"

"You got any lipstick in that vanity?" Daishi asked.

Hitsugi pushed himself up and onto his feet, wearing nothing more than his stockings. After a moment he came up with a tube of lipstick, his favorite color, as this was usually the room that Hitsugi serviced his clients in.

Daishi smiled. "Put some more on..and don't bother blotting."

Hitsugi did as he was told, applying the lipstick carefully, watching Daishi as he did so. He closed the lipstick and put it back in the drawer.

Daishi watched the thick trail of red smear across Hitsugi's lips. He brought Hitsugi close, and pushed the head of his shaft against those brilliant crimson lips.

Hitsugi snickered and kissed the head, leaving a red mark where his lips had been.

Daishi spread his legs, fascinated by the waxy red mark. He wanted Hitsugi to smear his entire length...Daishi pushed forward, eyes riveted to the painted lips of his hired lover.

Hitsugi turned just enough to smear the length, teasing Daishi's member with his teeth and tounge.

Daishi whimpered, thrusting forward into Hitsugi's mouth. Between the skill, the fetish, and the unexpected addition of the stud, it was the most amazing oral sex he'd ever had, and he couldn't hold out much longer.

Hitsugi could see the look in the other's face, he accepted the other into his mouth. Letting his tounge tease Daishi and humming softly. He wanted to taste him, as this may be the only time with Daishi, he wanted to remember it...

Daishi's back arched as he came with a high pitched whimper. He clutched his fingers in Hitsugi's hair, working them open and closed as he rode the high of his orgasm.

The dancer moaned around Daishi, taking what his client had to give.

Pulling back to catch his breath, Hitsugi watched his client's face, looking to see if he was pleased...

Daishi's eyes were half lidded, a blush painting his cheeks. He whimpered slightly as Hitsugi's attentions paused.

Hitsugi ran his tounge over Daishi, cleaning him up but leaving him marked and kissing his stomach after he was finished.

Daishi leaned forward with a deep rasping breath, and kissed the top of Hitsugi's head. "Thank you." he whispered. He wasn't sure of what to say at the end of a situation like this, but that seemed to be the most appropriate.

Well, that was different. A client had never thanked him before. Now what the hell does one say to that? "You're welcome," Hitsugi found himself saying.

Daishi blushed a bit more and chuckled, searching the room for his clothing and pulling on his pants once again.

Now Hitsugi was a bit disappointed but he didn't let it show. "That's all you want?"

Daishi wanted more...but he wasn't yet sure yet if he could afford much more. He'd have a better grasp of the prices the next time he came. "I got some business to take care of tonight." he replied smoothly. adjusting his collar, he grinned at Hitsugi. "I'll come back again." he said, and realized that he truly meant it.

The dancer pulled on his robe and tied it closed. He took the obi from the spot where Daishi had left it. "Before you go, take this." Hitsugi draped it around his client's neck.

"If you want my services again or even my company, show them that. It means you favor me and I'm avalible to you at any time."

Daishi's eyes widened. The obi was expensive,and Hitsugi must be popular. "What if someone else who favors you ha you busy?" he asked.

"Only one obi goes out. It's very exclusive. Think of yourself as a VIP now." Hitsugi chuckled. The dancer ran a finger around his lips, working on the lipstick and then moving to wipe some of the lipstick marks that he'd left on Daishi's face off.

"I...see." Daishi replied. "Why me?" he asked, curiously.

"You're different. I like you." Hitsugi said as he opened another drawer and took out a pack of cigarettes. He watched the former bosozoku as he lit one. "Why so surprised?"

"Cos I'm new at this. VIP's something you tend to work for." he replied.

"I've been doing this for two years now. I've never given that obi away until now." The dancer took a drag and exhaled. "I've had the chance to give it to many, consider it an honor."

"My affections aren't easy to win."

Daishi chuckled. "I'll be back for you then, Hitsu." he said quietly. "Good night." it was time to settle things up with the madam. Daishi stole one last glance over his shoulder before he unbolted the door and stepped out into the club again.

"Good night." Hitsugi replied as he flopped down on the edge of the bed with his cigarette once the door was closed again. He sighed again as he was left with a rather needy erection. Slipping his hand under his robe he took care of it quickly.

He had to redress and prepare for another around of dancing this evening, not to mention changing the obi.
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