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Knight in Shining Armor

[Characters: Daishi, Hitsugi]

Hitsugi had one hell of a morning. He had over slept, missed his train, nearly ruined his phone, tripped over his cat and nearly killed her and now he had lost his train card. He was mourning his loss and how he would be late to his interview at Tokyo University, when he suddenly remembered that he still had tips from the previous night in his bag.

Digging around, he crossed to the bank of machines that would allow him to purchase another pass, things were looking up... until it ate his yen. The dancer immediately started cursing, it was the straw that had broken the camel's back so to speak. It was too late for a taxi and the train would have put him out infront of the building he needed. It was hopeless.

He slid down the face of the machine. This just wasn't going to be his day.

Daishi reved his Kawasaki Z400FX as he sped down the streets of Tokyo. He'd slept in past rush hour so traffic wasn't really bad at all. Pulling alongside a curb, he headed towards a combini to buy some food...a can of tea and salmon onigiri would be nice this morning, he thought. He paused as he noticed another man glancing at him from a ticket vendor. He seemed familiar somehow. Keeping his guard up, in case he'd been sent by a rival, Daishi headed into the small, brightly lit store.

Hitsugi was about to give up... until he spotted Daishi. Maybe... things weren't so bad after all. Pushing himself off the ground he headed across the street to wait. He'd ask nicely and if he refused then he'd offer more... and the motorcycle would get him there faster than a taxi ever would.

Silently he hoped that he wouldn't have to please Daishi. As he didn't have any lipstick with him... the things he was going to do to get to his interview on time.

The dancer lit up a cigarette as he waited next to the Kawasaki. Messy red and black hair accompanying a baggy shirt and equally baggy shorts while a messenger bag hung on one shoulder. Hurry up, Daishi. The dancer was growing impatient...

Daishi emerged from the store, tea and onigiri tucked safely into his small carrier bag. He puased as he saw the familiar stranger perched near his beloved renovated bike. Something familiar...yet not threataning.

Well, here goes nothing...

Hitsugi smiled brightly at Daishi, half pouring on the charm and hoping that he would need to do it too much. "I'm sorry to bother you and you may not remember me, but I danced for you the other night at Nine Spiral. Um... I have an appointment I have to get to. I've run out of options, I've lost my train pass, I can't get a new one as the machine ate my last 500 yen and a taxi won't get me there in time. Could I possibly get you to take me to Tokyo University?"

He didn't really want to say that he'd make it worth Daishi's while... not yet anyway and not if he didn't have to. He smiled sweetly, softly, with just enough charm to get him some help but not seduce.

Daishi's eyes widened. "Hitsugi.." he whispered. No one else had danced for him. Peering at the face he could see the similarities, even without the makeup, the face was one of a troubled boy, now, not a queen.

Daishi composed himself. "University huh? Why you goin' there?"

"Gotta meet with my advisor and I'm already late. Do you think I wanna dance for the rest of my life?" Hitsugi really didn't want to resort to begging, flicking his cigarette away, but he would if he had to. He'd even go beyond begging and he hoped that it didn't come to that.

Daishi said nothing as he mounted his bike and reached out his hand to pull Hitsugi up. "Come on, then. Hold onto me tight." he replied, gruffly. He hated thinking of whores having real lives, aspirations beyond the clubs. It made him feel dirty, demanding such services of them. It was easier to think of them as forever working that sort of

"Thank you." Hitsugi said as he climbed on behind Daishi. "I owe you one. Name it, and it's yours." The dancer took hold of Daishi's middle firmly, keeping his hands to himself.

Daishi didn't reply, just squeezed Hitsugi's arm in confirmation. When he felt him cling to him firmly, he ripped out onto the street, darting through traffic towards the school.

The dancer wasn't used to a motorcycle. It was quick enough and he'd been right to ask Daishi. Hitsugi was glad for the favor and at this rate, he might just make it in time after all.

Daishi wondered how he'd met Hitsugi, of all people, in this huge city, and wondered about the bits of his life he didn't know about., It made him equally curious and uneasy. Finally reaching the campus, Daishi came to a halt, aasing Hitsugi off the bike carefully. "How long you gonna be in there?" Daishi asked.

"I dunno, long enough to get my schedule and sign up for classes. Why?" Hitsugi asked, digging though his bag.

Daishi raised an eyebrow. He reached into his pocket and retrieved his card from the bike shop. He pressed it into Hitsugi's hand. "Call me." he replied. Daishi's curiousity was piqued.

"I..." Hitsugi blinked with the card in his hand. The dancer was still digging and he finally came up with what he wanted... a 1000 yen bill. "For gas and your trouble."

Daishi shook his head. "No trouble." he replied. The dancer needed that money more than he did.

Hitsugi growled a moment, he didn't have time to fight daishi on the money, so instead he walked around the bike but not before trailing his hand around, cramming the bill into the front of Daishi's jeans pocket and run up the stairs at the front of the building and disappearing inside.

Daishi chuckled a bit, and retreived the onigiri and tea from his bag. Such a stubborn little thing... he ate his breakfast, debating if he should go straight to the shop, or fufill his curiousity. Curiosity got the better of him, and he spent the next twenty minutes perusing a news stand to pass the time. He leaned back against his bike, making a few cellular calls to confirm the shipment of some smuggled goods while flipping through the latest Jump. Idly, he wondered what his dancing whore studied as he icilly haggled deals with his supplier. He wondered why it seemed odd for a dancer to have a brain.

Fourty Five minutes later, Hitsugi emerged from the building. He was studying a piece of paper, a can of juice in his hand and chewing on his bottom lip, and playing with his tounge stud. He was deep in thought.

Daishi let out a sharp whistle as he folded his phone, pocketing the manga into his carrier bag. The shipments would be on time, and under budget. It would be a good run.

Hitsugi looked up to see who was whistling at him and was suprised to see Daishi waiting on him. He probably wants a blowjob outside of work. The dancer sighed softly and made his way over.

"So. Why'd you hang around?"

"I had some calls to make anyway, and you gave me the the last of your money, how else were you gonna get home?" Daishi asked.

"Walk, like usual." Hitsugi grinned.

"I though you lived far." Daishi replied. "Thought you used a rail pass."

"I do. I've got more money than you think. S'too costly to live in Tokyo proper." Hitsugi responded, taking a drink from his juice can. All of his defences were up, he expected Daishi to just leave him, but he was getting far more than he bargined for.

"Get on then, it's too far top walk."

"Which way?" he asked the dancer.

"You're sure?" Hitsugi asked, again wondering what all this was gonna cost him later. "I mean, this isn't going to cost me?"

Daishi shook his head. "Stoop asking questions. Which way?"

"Out skirts of Kabukicho. Three miles from Nine Spiral." Hitsugi told the biker.

Daishi nodded, and sped away. He wondered why the dancer trusted a client to know where he lived.

Which wasn't where he really lived. Of course he might have to backtrack later but the area Hitsugi had described was actually a park, a nice one, where the two of them could hang out for awhile if they wanted. He wasn't ready to go home yet anyway... and it was miserable at home... not to mention lonely.

Daishi stopped where he was directed. "Nice place." he said wryly

"Glad you like it." Hitsugi said as he slipped off the bike.

"What d'you study? Daishi asked.

"I haven't decided yet. Getting basics for now." Which was the truth, Hitsugi didn't know what he wanted to do just yet.

Daishi nodded. He'd stopped after high school himself, but his living was a sure thing.

Hitsugi didn't get to highschool, he was on the streets by the time he was 16. He scratched his head. "I'm sorry, you must think that I'm some kind of idiot. I mean..."

Daishi cocked his head. "An idiot doesn't get accepted to Todai." he replied, seriously.

"It's been a long time coming, Kajinaga-san." Hitsugi said, looking around for a vending machine.

"What's been?" Daishi asked, striding alongside Hitsugi.

"School." The dancer said simply.

"How long you got left?" he asked.

"The next four years." Hitsugi said with a grin.

"Long road ahead of you." Daishi said, softly.

"Hai." Hitsugi said as he pluged in some coins into the machine, opting for juice again. "I just hope Isshi'll see fit to let go when it's time." He muttered as he retrieved the can.

Daishiplaced a gentle hand on Hitsugi's shoulder. "Who's Isshi?" he asked.

Hitsugi smiled. "My boss. Nine Spiral's manager."

Daishi nodded slightly. "When that time comes, Hitsu, you tell me, and I'll see about setting you free. I got some friends that are good for favors."

"Really..." Hitsugi didn't know what to say, he just stood there, looking at the former biker stupidly.

Daishi nodded. "You gave me your trust. No one else gets that scrap of cloth, right? So that means I got a responsibility to take care of you while you work there." Daishi's world was one of favors taken and owed, and loyalties cemented by promise. This was what a real man would do, take responsibility.

"Hai. No one gets it, it's yours. And responsibility to me? No you don't Kajinaga-san, really. I'm just an erotic dancer, trying to make his way though school. You don't owe me anything."

"Consider me an ally." Daishi replied, mounting his bike once again. "And call me Daishi." Daishi reved up his bike and nodded again to Hitsugi. "I got some work to do back at the shop. I'll be around." And with that, he was gone, as suddenly as he had appeared.

Gone before he could say a word. Hitsugi didn't know wether to laugh or cry or jump for joy.

Sighing softly the dancer started back tword the club, still unable to decide what he thought about the man. He wasn't like any of the others and he didn't seem to be after him for his body or his skill... but he was sure that was the case. Unless he was just odd.

Oh well, thoughts for another day. Time to get home and make sure Kiku was fed and happy. He still had to apologize for nearly tripping over her this morning.

The setting sun sillouetted Hitsugi as he headed down the sidewalk, heading for his apartment.
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