Toshiya (shall0w_mask) wrote in hana_no_tokyo,

Shattered Brilliance

[ Toshiya solo; rated R ]

A broken figure lie prone on the black pavement littered with trash and dirty runoff water. Trembling like a leaf on the wind, the figure was almost unidentifiable as either man or woman with willowy limbs and lengthy black hair matted with slick grime of the alleyway.

Already the bruises from a shell-shattering abuse were darkening into sickly shades of blue so in contrast to his pale skin seeming like smeared dye on white silk. Scrapes of crimson streaked across the pale expanse of his bared torso and along the inner sides of his slender thighs. Smudges and abrasions marking snow white skin mottled into a canvas of purple and black with scarlet trails under the skin discoloring it. The bruises and blood smears twisting what was once beautiful and smooth in to something hollow, broken and pain-ridden.

Hara Toshiya wanted to melt into nothingness. He wanted to curl into a ball on the grimy asphault of the back alley and be covered by the darkness of night and decrepitness. Everything hurt. It wasn't just the "ouch, I hit my hip on the table" pain, but the "ouch, I feel like I've been torn in two" pain. His rail thin figure barely wrapped by torn clothes, once a beautifully chic attire of sleek, black pvc corset and black satin skirt.

Hesitantly the effemintate man rolled onto his back, not noticing as the wetness of the back alley seeped into his clothes, into his hair and into his skin. Toshiya wanted to break down and cry at the sheer absuridity that he could ever be so brutally abused let alone raped so degradingly even as he wanted to get up to track down the men who'd done this to him and forcibly remove their manhoods. The unofficial madame of Nine Spiral felt hollow inside as he pictured Isshi's reaction to his rape so near to the club.

There was always some payment of the men who dared to lay a hand to any employed by Nine Spiral when the worker was unwilling. For this cruelty done to him, Toshiya wanted there to be blood as payment.

A grim smile adorned pallid lips as the crossdresser attempted to make his limbs obey him so he could stand. He needed to get out of this alley; he refused to be some poor helpless fool left out like trash. Slowly and with many pauses to catch his breath, Toshiya managed to pull himself up using the brick wall of some business as his support. The wheeziness of his breathing and the sharp pains with each inhalation told him at least a few of his ribs were brusied severely, if not broken. His once strikingly beautiful visage marred by blackening bruises that littered the pale flesh of his face and body.

With shaky steps, Toshiya manuevered his battered form to the alley entrance and down the sidewalk to the the club's front door while all the way drawing shocked stares and startled gasps of passers by. Silently, he hoped no one else was at the night club other than Isshi and maybe the bouncer Hakuei, who would be an integral part of making sure his "repayment" was fulfilled.

One more shaky breath while a slim hand ran fingers through dirty raven-colored locks to straighten his appearance, the fragile crossdresser pushed open the door to the security only Nine Spiral could offer.
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