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Ikari Mitsuo

The More Things Change, The More They Aren't the Same

[Characters: Hitsugi, Daishi; NC-17]

It was noon. Someone was pounding on his door. That someone had better have a good reason for dragging Hitsugi out of his bed at such an ungodly hour. He was sore, exhausted and had flat out crashed after he got home at 4 am.

Bleary eyed, he stumbled to his door, red and black locks sticking out everywhich way and giving the dancer a major case of bed head. He wore all his piercings and peeked out the peep hole... and nearly screamed.

Daishi had been passing through the neighborhood and the urge to see Hitsugi had been nagging him. He hadn't gotten to go to Nine Spiral the night before. and hadn't really thought that Hitsugi had been out so late.

Well you can't just tell him you're not here, that would be rude...

Taking a deep, breath and putting on his best smile he opened the door, his cat meowing loudly at his feet and rubbing around his ankles. He was dressed in a huge tshirt and more baggy shorts that were made for sleeping... or he'd converted them that way...

"Um... Good Afternoon, Daishi-kun."

Daishi nearly laughed out loud to see Hitsugi's hair askance, and his face totally bare of makeup. Instead, he turned his smirk into a friendly grin. "I brought you breakfast." he said, holding out a bag. "and coffee."

The dancer's ears burned. "Come in, come in." He said as he got out of the way to let Daishi into the small apartment. Once inside, Hitsugi took the bag from Daishi and disappeared into the kitchen, well the little partition that divided the small space for the kitchen.

The little brown and white bobtail cat went up to Daishi curiously, turning her head slightly to the side to look at him. Almost as if to say, "Who are you and are you good enough for my master?"

Daishi scooped up the tiny cat expertly, and scratched behind her neck, that one annoying spot a cat simply can't reach. "Hello, little lady." he murmered, carrying her inside.

Oh that made Kiku a happy kitty. Hitsugi was in the process of getting out the onigiri and a few other things out of the bag as he watched Daishi with his cat. He was surprised that she actually liked the former bosozoku, as she didn't really care for anyone but her master but there she was, purring happily in Daishi's arms. Maybe it was a sign...

Since it was such a small place, and Hitsugi had been in a rush, he hadn't unpacked things from his shopping trip with Hakuei... so the La:Sades bag was in plain view for everyone to see.... Hitsugi noticed it and tried not to pale, but kept on with the breakfast Daishi had seen fit to bring him.

Daishi placed the cat on a cushion with a little kiss to the top of her head, and looked at the bag curiously. Walking over, he peered inside.

Hitsugi nearly shouted but his mouth had been full of onigiri and he couldn't say anything to the other man... Inside, Daishi found underwear, multiple pairs of side tying g-strings and thongs.

Daishi let out a low whistle. "How long til I get to see these on you, hmmm?" he asked with a a chuckle.

"Um... soonish!" Hitsugi swallowed and half wondered where that blood red pair went... and remembered that he'd taken them out of his bag to wash them... but... where... oh god they were behind Daishi's head.

Daishi strode over to Hitsugi and hugged him from behind...when he took note of the underwear. "Nice decor." The biker's voice held just a twinge of jealousy, but he kept it in check.

Hitsugi was horrified, and well beyond embarrassed. The hug felt good and he leaned back into it. "Well... I'm glad you like it?" He said sheepishly, his ears still burning with embarrassment.

Daishi kissed one burning ear, swirling his tounge into it passionately. "I like em better when you're wearing em for me." he murmured.

"Mm... Well I can do that too..." Hitsugi said softly, distracted by the wonderful attention.

Daishi kissed Hitsugi's neck lightly. "Coffee's gettin' cold."

"So?" The other said softly, a hint of a smile in his voice.

Daishi nibbled his throat. "coffee's no good cold." he said, teasingly. unwrapping his arms from Hitsugi's waist. He knew he shouldn't be here, Hitsugi could lose his job... but Daishi would tackle care of him, so what was the harm?

"I never said I liked coffee." Hitsugi pouted a bit and nibbled on his onigiri. And it wasn't like Hitsugi cared what Isshi thought... he was going for what made him happy and Daishi made him happy.

Daishi took a bite of his onigiri, and opened a can of coffee. "Sorry to drop by like this..I really don't know what I was thinking."

"No worries." Hitsugi said with a smile. "I'm only sorry you had to see me like this. Pajamas and all."

Daishi shrugged. "Like I don't know you gotta take off the makeup sometime." he said, stroking back Hitsugi's hair.

"Mur. It's not so much the makeup, it's just that I haven't showered yet or anything else. I'm rank." He leaned into the touch, still smiling.

Daishi squeezed him. I"ll scrub your back." he teased.

"Mmm... that'd be niiiiice." Hitsugi nearly purred and popped the last of the onigiri into his mouth.

Daishi grinned. "You got a roommate?" he asked

"No. Just me and my cat." Hitsugi replied with a grin as he reached out and wiped a stray grain of rice from the corner of Daishi's mouth.

Daishi smiled. "So...where's your shower?

"Off to the left behind that curtain." Hitsugi pointed. "Why?"

"Cos I'm gonna scrub you back." Daishi said, amused by Hitsugi's naivitee

Hitsugi blinked and thought that the other was kidding but he wasn't. He grinned as he took hold of Daishi's hand, while grabbing a random pair of his new underwear and lead him into the bathroom.

Daishi grinned as he was pulled, feeling like the luckiest bastard alive. Soon they were in the small wash room, which contained a tiny, one person shower stall.

The dancer closed the toilet lid and dumped the underwear atop it. He went to turn on the water to let it warm up and then he removed his shirt.

Daishi stripped down eagerly, eying the stall with a bit of worry. This would be awkward...

Hitsugi moved as he got out of his pajamas, hardly believing that Daishi was going to get into the shower with him. He only wished it was a bit bigger. No matter.

He slipped in under the spray, letting it soak him as he waited for Daishi to join him.

Daishi slipped in behind him, bumping his elbow as he closed the door. "Ow." he chuckled.

"Careful." The dancer said with one eye open and a grin on his face.

Daishi edged behind Hitsugi, and reached for a bar of soap.

The dancer maneuvered easily, allowing the biker to get at what he needed to do his job. This was amusing him to no end. Hitsugi had never really had anyone wash his back for him and mean it.

Daishi ran the soap down Hitsugi's back, working it in circles before wrapping an arm around his waist to work up a lather across the dancer's chest.

Hitsugi let his head rest on Daishi's shoulder and let him work. "I love it when you've got your hands on me." The other whispered into Daishi's ear.

Daishi blushed slightly, because the dancer meant every word. Daishi worked the soap along Hitsugi's arm, massaging it gently, although movement of any type was restricted in that shower.

Hitsugi made a happy noise as Daishi's hands worked over his body.
This was nice and best of all, Daishi cared for him, genuinely cared
for him.

The dancer leaned back against Daishi's bare chest and left his head
on the former biker's shoulder. He closed his eyes, letting the
feeling that Daishi was creating wash over him.

Holding the soap while caressing Hitsugi was too awkward, so Daishi
set it down and spread the lather with his fingers, working down
hitsugi's stomach, and lower. He closed his eyes against the stream of
warm water, wishing the shower was just a tad bigger.

The dancer moaned in his throat. "Ahh... Daishi..." He rolled his head
toward the other's neck, nipping at it softly.

Daishi loved the sound of his name rattling through Hitsugi's throat,
as slipped his soapy fingers around Hitsugi's shaft, stroking him
into full arousal.

It didn't take long as Hitsugi was young, one of his hands snaked up
Daishi's body to tangle in his now wet hair. It tightened it's grip
the more he was stroked... it wasn't long until his hips began to
thrust into Daishi's hand.

Daishi continued his stroking, but Hitsugi's jerking movement pushed
him back against the wall,as he slipped a bit on the wet tile.
Luckily, there was not enough room to fall. Daishi's awakening
erection pushed against Hitsugi's thigh with each backlash of his

"Mmm... we need to decide what we're going to do before we get too
far..." Hitsugi murmured. A moan escaped his lips as he let go of
Daishi's hair. He could feel the other man behind him and if Daishi
wanted more, much like Hitsugi did... they would have to move to
somewhere better equipped to deal with their desire.

"That's up to you, Hitsu." Daishi whispered huskily. "I got some
condoms, but they're out there..." The shower was cramped and
uncomfortable, but it would be fun to say he'd done it in the

"Oohhh... why's it up to me?" Hitsugi asked as he let his fingers curl
against the shower tile. "I could just..." He bent over slightly and
moved himself into position against Daishi's cock, where it was
between his legs. "...bend over for you and you can take me how you

The dancer smiled as he looked at Daishi over his shoulder.

Daishi stilled his hips, willing himself not to buck forward. "You
okay with it raw?" Daishi asked. "I mean... you gotta be covered at
work, right?" Hitsugi had broken that rule at the start of their first
night anyway, but he was sure that was an exception. Daishi was fairly
sure they were both clean. Toshiya seemed strict about testing.

"I'll be fine. There are no others outside of work, save you." Hitsugi
said softly. He was clean, and Nine Spiral was indeed strict about
testing. Isshi had made sure that he'd been clean before he took
Hitsugi in, a then down on his luck whore who had his jaw broken
because he didn't do what his john wanted him to.

"I want... to feel you... inside me." The prostitute turned dancer bit
his lip, waiting for Daishi to take him.

"No others..." Daishi whispered, so faintly Hitsugi could not hear it
over the hiss of the shower. Daishi pressed forward, slowly filling
Hitsugi, biting his lower lip in bliss as he began to push forward,
then back.

Hitsugi called out softly as he was filled with Daishi's girth. His
hands scrabbled at the tile, knowing that this wouldn't take long at
all, he just hoped that his head wouldn't be bouncing off the tile in
front of him. If it did, he'd had much worse. He was half thinking
that he'd be lucky to walk after this encounter... then again, maybe

Daishi's hips moved of their own accord, hips grinding against his
lover in a rough semi circular motion, feet slipping, limbs tangling,
breath catching, as the warm water continued to drench them.

Hitsugi moaned as he pushed back against his lover, wanting him to hit
that spot... "Make.. make me scream." Hitsugi pleaded between soft

"'M...trying..." Daishi grunted, as he pulled back and pushed forward
as hard as he could manage, given the limited space, using his arms to
lift Hitsugi slightly off balance as he thrust.

Hitsugi fought for purchase as well as balance as Daishi pounded into
him. Scrabbled a bit, gasped with each thrust until that magic moment,
when Daishi hit that bundle of nerves. The dancer screamed in
pleasure. "Yes! YES DAISHI THAT'S IT!"

The dancer screamed for all he was worth, not minding that he was
pinned against the wall, it felt good, so very good. After a few more
thrusts, Hitsugi stiffened and then came hard, so hard that his body
shuddered as he released himself and crying out loudly with near tears
in his eyes, that Daishi wouldn't be able to see. So...

Daishi cried out himself as he came, his hips still convulsing to get
a few last thrusts into the boy he had pinned to the wall...pinned
like an alley rape, but without the guilt. Daishi whimpered softly as
he caught his breath, half choking on the water falling into his

"Ah... Dai-kun..." Hitsugi panted. "That was good..." Very good, so
good he'd likely never forget it.

Daishi withdrew from his lover, and wrapped his arms tightly about his
waist as the warm water washed over them both for a long moment.
Slowly, he released him, and reached forward for the faucet.

Hitsugi braced himself on the wall, watching the biker and smiling the
whole time. He enjoyed being held and touched and treasured, which
Daishi did. To Daishi, he was special and something to be taken care
of, to be cherished and loved...

It made him smile more to realize that Daishi felt that way about him.
A true diamond in the rough and the so called diamond would never
believe it.

Daishi stumbled free of the shower stall, dripping wet and grinning.
He felt as though his legs were ready to give out from under him...so
Hitsugi must be in a far worse state. Rubbing a towel through his hair
and wrapping it tightly around his waist, he then took Hitsugi's arm.

"You okay there?" Daishi asked, slightly amused.

"I will be... as soon as I can find the strength to get myself out of
the shower." Hitsugi said as he let the other helped him. He
actually stumbled as he got out, his legs feeling like rubber and his
backside hurt. He felt lucky that he could walk.

Daishi draped an arm and a towel around him, helping him out of the
bathroom and onto his bed. For a moment, he thought of poor, pretty
Shinya, unable to move after his vigorous lovemaking, and felt a pang
of guilt, which showed through his eyes.

Hitsugi took the arm and allowed himself to be led to his bed. He
laid down and as he did, he noticed the look in his lover's eyes.
Gently, he reached up and took Daishi's face in his hands. "What's the
look for, hm?"

"I didn't mean to be so rough on you." Daishi said, a bit self consciously.

"It's all right." Hitsugi said with a smile, still holding his face in his hands. "I've had worse done to me, but not with any kind of feeling."

Daishi sighed. "I'll bet." he said.

"Now why the sigh?" The dancer asked softly, finally taking his hands away from the other.

Daishi kissed his lips. "Cos I know how rough it gets on the streets."

Hitsugi smiled. "Things are much better all ready."

Daishi rolled over to lie on his back. "Yeah..." he murmured. "Nine Spiral...it's like heaven."

"To customers, it's supposed to be." Hitsugi rolled over on his side and snuggled into Daishi's side.

Daishi didn't reply, just allowed Hitsugi to be close.

"Can I ask you a question?" Hitsugi started quietly.

"Yeah." Daishi replied, turning his head to him.

"Would you have given me a chance if we'd met on the street? Or in a club?"

Daishi gave him an odd look. "What do y'mean, given you a chance? How'd it be different?"

"Without the makeup, without the kimono, just as I am, would you have given me the time of day?"

Daishi looked Hitsu over slowly. "You're not my usual type, but you're a good looking guy. I might not have noticed you, but if we had talked, then yeah, I'd remember eyes like yours." He closed his fingers around Hitsugi's. “I'd called for Aya the first night." he admitted. "He wasn't on...but when I saw you all painted, with those pretty eyes...I'm glad I gave you a chance."

It made Hitsugi smile. He was very self conscious because of his looks, he wasn't girly, he didn't have the right curves, he just wasn't good enough or so he thought.

Daishi grinned. "If a short guy like me'd come up to you, would you have said yes without money?" he countered.

"Well, if you'd offered me a meal rather than money, I'd still have taken it... but other wise no. I'd have to know you better first..." Hitsugi smiled.

"So we're even." Daishi chuckled.

"That we are." He chuckled and nuzzled Daishi's neck.

Daishi lifted his chin too expose his throat to the kisses. "Mmm." he sighed.

"I never thought..." Hitsugi said between kisses, "That I'd find what I wanted."

Daishi raised an eyebrow. "How can you be so sure I'm what you want? I'm just your John, Hitsu."

"Would my 'john' take me out outside of the club? Would my 'john' bring me breakfast? Would my 'john' still be here after fucking my brains out and not fully being able to walk? You've become more than just a 'john', Daishi. You just don't know it yet."

Daishi considered this, and nodded, slowly. "Looks like you got a point."

"I'd hope so." The dancer licked at Daishi's neck, hands playing over his chest.

Daishi smiled softly at the dancer. "I really like you..."

"I'm glad. Because if this is a dream, I don't wanna wake up."

Daishi laughed. "You cheese ball." he chuckled, grabbing Hitsugi in a tight embrace. "That's awful."

Hitsugi laughed. "But it's true!"

Daishi let him go, and leaned back on the pillows. "So...what were you looking for?" he asked, cautiously.

"Someone who would treat me with respect, not as an object, but a person." Hitsugi ran his hand slowly up Daishi's chest.

Daishi stroked back his hair. "All you dancers are people, Hitsu. You deserve respect...and you deserve to be happy."

"You're too kind to me. And I wish Taro could've realized that when I was younger. If that was the case, I might not have been where I am... but on the other hand, I might not have ever met you... and I don't regret it."

Daishi nodded."You still hung up on him, huh?" he asked, quietly.

"A little." He said softly. "But I was young and stupid and I think I still am."

Daishi nodded. "It's okay to be a bit hung up on your first. I don't think you ever forget."

"Even if they treated you like garbage." Hitsugi sighed softly and snuggled into Daishi's side. He loved laying here.

"I'm sorry." Daishi said quietly. "My first was the best friend you could ever have."

"Ah, he was the reason I got kicked out of my house. Took me in because he felt bad, taught me what I know and then grew tired of me, even when I entertained him for sex between cramming for high school.. And it's all right. If it had been perfect, I wouldn't have been where I am."

"He used you, what you got was less than you're worth." Daishi replied, angrily.

"I know he did, I know. And when I learned that, it hurt and by that time, I was out on the street again... odd jobs weren't cutting it..."

"Shh." Daishi said, stroking his hair.

"I'm lucky to be clean, Daishi. I'm lucky to be alive... if... Isshi's man hadn't broken my jaw in a fit of rage, I wouldn't be at Nine Spiral." All of Daishi's insecurities were starting to show, cracks in he foundation, these didn't happen much, only when he stopped to think about it.

"Shhh. Hitsu..." Daishi cooed, pulling him close again.

“I'm sorry... I... I didn't mean to unload all this on you..." Hitsugi knew that he would scare the other off... this kind of thing would scare anyone off.

Daishi kissed his forehead. "It's okay, Hitsu."

Hitsugi closed his eyes and smiled. "Thank you, that means a lot to me, Daishi. And my name's... Mitsuo..." There, the last of it was done, if all walls were going to come down... so be it.

Daishi's eyes widened. "Mitsuo." he whispered, trying out the unfamiliar name on his lips.

"You can call me by either name, though at work, I'm Hitsugi. Out
here, I'm Mitsuo. I don't consider them the same person. Which do you
prefer?" It was an odd question, but one that he wanted to know the
answer to.

"I prefer..." Daishi began. Hitsugi. But why? Because it was
comfortable, because he didn't know Mitsuo. Hitsugi was charm and
sweetness and red lipstick and garters, Mitsuo was a plain boy with a
lot of dark hallways Daishi didn't know how to navigate. It was
intimidating. What if he didn't like Mitsuo as much as he desperately
wanted to?

"I need to know the difference before I answer that." he replied, honestly.

Hitsugi knew that, but at least he'd shown complete trust by giving
his real name. Aya'd have him beaten in the street, well more like
lectured on how dangerous this was, but he didn't care.

"Okay." He said quietly and molded his body to Daishi's side. "Thanks
for stopping by, it was unexpectedly pleasant."

"You're avoiding this..." Daishi whispered. "Let me get to know
Mitsuo, hey? Give a guy a chance..."

Hitsugi blinked. Daishi was serious, wasn't he? It both scared and
excited Hitsugi, if he let Daishi in, would he leave him like Taro?
That was a gamble he'd have to take.

"I'm scared." The dancer admitted. "Do you really want to know the real
me?" Hitsugi looked up at Daishi, eyes their natural brown, piercings
and slight fear in his eyes.

Daishi met his eyes. "Yeah, that's...why I came here, I guess.”

Hitsugi leaned up and kissed him, Daishi really was too good to be
true. The dancer kept expecting something to come up, to change
everything, to be dropped like nothing, like he had in the past. He
was still scared, but he still wanted the gamble. If this failed, he
wouldn't be trying this again, ever again.

Daishi returned the kiss eagerly. He felt a soft ache in his heart,
knowing well the fear of rejection himself. In Hitsugi's eyes he saw a
reflection of the fear he'd felt, sixteen years old, virginal and
awkward, kneeling on Akeda Tatsuya's plain futon. ...Please, give me
a chance...

The dancer deepened the kiss, his hands sliding down Daishi's body. A
little pain was going to be nothing soon, ignoring the pain, he moved
to straddle Daishi's middle, the towel he was wearing falling away from
his body and leaving very little to the imagination.

Daishi sighed into the kiss. Hitsugi was so eager, so sweet... yet he
knew he wasn't up for another go. Not yet. Daishi broke the kiss

Hitsugi could take that. He let Daishi break the kiss and then settled
atop of him, laying on Daishi and nuzzling his neck. "Mm. This is

"Yeah, it is." Daishi agreed, fingers playing in Hitsugi's hair. A
sudden bounce on the mattress signaled a visit from Kiku. The small
cat settled onto a pillow beside them and stared.

Hitsugi turned to look at his cat, still laying on Daishi's chest, he
reached out to pet the cat. "What's wrong, Kiku-chan? Feeling

The cat purred under the touch. “So did you take the day off of work
to come see me?" Hitsugi asked as he gave the cat attention.

Daishi nodded. "I'm gonna go in a little later tonight, but I'm pretty
well caught up with my jobs. I haven't seen you in a couple days,

"That's good." Hitsugi smiled. "I know, I've missed you and I've been
looking for you at the club and trying to avoid new clients. I'm off
tonight, but I think I might go in."

"You can't let me keep you from working." Daishi said, quietly. "You
gotta screw some johns to pay the rent,to go to school, that's just
the way it is right now. I'm not gonna be bothered by that."

"No, those are clients I don't want. They're possessive and Hakuei
can't be everywhere at once." Hitsugi sat up and slid off of Daishi.
Scooping up his cat who meowed softly as he did so. "They're
investigating clients, Isshi's orders. There was an incident with one
of the dancers off site..."

He was almost afraid to tell Daishi this, Hitsugi didn't want to get
him worked up.

Daishi frowned slightly. "Incidents?" he asked. "Listen...Hitsu...if
you got any trouble at work, you tell me. I'll take care of it. No
one'll cross you."

Hitsugi nodded, before continuing. "The dancer was raped by a client.
Isshi took care of it, the man won't be back, ever. They're now afraid
that he had Yakuza ties. Nothing solid yet."

The words rang true, that Daishi'd take care of the trouble if there
was any... but he knew, that like Hakuei, Daishi couldn't be every
where. Rather than voicing it he nodded again, still holding Kiku.

"No matter what he tells you, Hitsu, don't be afraid to talk to me. I
don't care if he tells you, he'll kill you if you talk. Just you see
me in private, cos, well...I got those ties too, and I don't call in
my favors too often. Don't you tell this to anybody, but it's your
insurance, okay?" Daishi brushed his fingers lightly along Hitsugi's
cheek. "You tell me when something is really wrong, and I'll fix it."

Hitsugi nodded, again the gamble was paying off, at least he hoped so
and if Daishi didn't tire of him because he wasn't 'pretty' or didn't
wear makeup all the time. Inside, he knew he was being silly but still
the thought haunted him.

"All right. I'll tell you. I trust you. I will." Hitsugi leaned into
the touch, it was something that he needed right now... assurance
that he wouldn't be left for who he was not what he was.

Daishi was quiet for a moment, he was putting a lot on the line,
letting his loyalties be known. Still, the urge to protect the dancer
was strong. "I'll come around a bit more if I can."

"That's your choice, Daishi, not mine. Don't change your schedule or
business on account of me." But it was too late, Daishi had already
done that.

"Shop's usually still open when I skip out. I got priorities." Daishi
murmured. "Sides, I'm free at night..."

"Workaholic." Hitsugi commented with a grin, trying to cheer himself
up and steer his mind away from unhappy thoughts. He didn't want to
think about Isshi and the anger on his face when he finally told the
man that he quit.

He had been told, when Isshi picked him up from the floor, that he'd
work for him. Dancing or whatever after he healed. All he could do was
nod, he had been in too much pain with his jaw broken. "He's a
workaholic, isn't he, Kiku-chan?"

The cat mewled in response and Hitsugi grinned.

Daishi chuckled. "Not really. I just...care about you, is all. I care
bout the dancers, bout Nine Spiral. I want you to be safe and happy
while you're there. I want you to earn good money and use it to go to
college, like you want. I don't want some asshole ruining that for
you. I don't want that on my turf."

Hitsugi smiled, those words meant a lot to him. "That means more than
you know Daishi." He'd never really had anyone looking out for him.

Daishi sat up again, pulling the cat into his lap. "So what are you
going to school for?"

Hitsugi watched the cat go willingly, which amused him. Kiku very
rarely liked anyone but him. "Business Management and International
Public Relations." Hitsugi replied, almost sheepishly. "Kiku really
likes you."

Daishi scratched the cat behind her ears. "She's real pretty." he
commented. "So...does that mean you'll leave Japan someday?" Daishi
didn't like the sound of that.

Kiku purred happily and leaned into the attention she was receiving
and started to knead her paws. Hitsugi started to answer the question
and then dove for the cat, "Kiku! No!"

Daishi winced, and pulled her paws up as gently, and quickly as he
could. "She...likes me a little too much, I think."

"I'm so sorry." Hitsugi said, scooping up the cat again. "And yes, it
does mean that I might leave Japan one day. I'd like to be a
translator." He smiled a bit.

"Ah." Daishi said. The thought of losing Hitsugi to the rest of the
world stung, but he wasn't going to show it. He was a man, after all.
Who said they'd even be together in four years? By then, something
will have likely ended their relationship, like all his others. If
nothing else, Hitsugi would become more a businessman than a whore,
too respectable to be with a crooked bike mechanic. Daishi was
grateful for the cat nearly piercing his penis, it gave him a good
excuse to scowl.

"But you never know. Maybe you'd come with me? I dunno... and I'm
getting ahead of myself." Hitsugi watched Daishi's reaction as he held
his cat, scratching her behind the ears.

"I'm no good outside of Japan." Daishi said. "I can't speak anything
but Japanese, you know, and all my money's tied up in shady business.
I'd be a drag on you."

"How do you know that? How do you know that you'd be no good?" Hitsugi
raised an eyebrow as Kiku mewed softly.

"Really Hitsu, here is home. What good would I be? Just another
immigrant without their language, and hey...I hate to tell you, but
the shop only pays bout half my bills. What do you really think I
could do?" Daishi asked, quietly.

"Depends on the skill... or I could take care of you." Hitsugi
laughed. He'd heard what Daishi said, he hadn't thought about what he
could do. The thought of illegal money didn't really register but he
did absorb the information.

Daishi was quiet. He was used to being the one taking care of things.
No one had taken care of him since, well, Tatsuya. "It's too soon to
be talking like this." he replied, nuzzling Hitsugi's shoulder to
distract him.

"Mm... You started it." Hitsugi stated as he nipped at Daishi's ear lightly.

"Hey...wear the heels for me tomorrow night, huh?" Daishi murmured.
"And the red lipstick."

"Heels, hm? My feet will be screaming by the end of the night, you
know." Hitsugi said softly, kissing the other's shoulder, stroking his
arm gently.

"Just for an hour, for me." Daishi grinned. "Please?" Daishi sprawled
onto his back under him, grinning up, to look as endearing as

"All right... since you're a VIP and you're asking nicely..." Hitsugi
grinned down at the older man, then lowered himself to Daishi for a

Daishi accepted the kiss eagerly. "You'll be gorgeous." he grinned.
"It'll be hot."

"You seem to be the only one that thinks so. Personally, I'm not into
heels, but for you, all right then." Hitsugi commented, looking down
at the other.

Daishi made him happy beyond words.

"I like em." he chuckled. "Nothing sets off nice legs like heels."
Daishi stretched under him, catlike.

"Hurm... who said I had nice legs? Hm?" Hitsugi licked at his neck and
then nipped at his shoulder.

"Me." Daishi replied, leaning into the caress."I think you'd look good
in a little satin bra set, too. The real thin kind."

Hitsugi continued his nipping and nuzzling, trailing from shoulder to
collar bone then to Daishi's chest. "I wouldn't know the first thing
to look for." The dancer stated, running a pierced tounge over one of
Daishi's nipples.

Daishi gasped. "Oh God, Hitsu..." he whispered. That piercing drove him
wild. He could feel his nipples harden, and a shiver flash through his
body to settle in his groin.

Hitsugi grinned. "But Daishi, you didn't answer my question. I
wouldn't know what to look for. You'd have to help me find the right
thing, maybe even pick it out. Would you do that?"

The dancer lapped at Daishi's nipple again.

Daishi gasped. "Yeah." he groaned, huskily. "I could show you...what
I like." Hitsugi was almost too good at the art of seduction.

For someone so young, Hitsugi was good, but he also had a long time to
perfect it. "That would be great." He said as his breath ghosted
across Daishi's chest. "Now... what would you like for me to do to you
now, hm?"

"You'll give an old man a heart attack." Daishi laughed. He arched his
back, and gave Hitsugi a content smile. "Take me, Hitsu..."

"Take you? You're sure?" As Hitsugi spoke, he ran his tounge along
Daishi's member and hoping that he could remember what the hell he was
doing when it came to riding someone.

Daishi nodded. "I'm sure, Hitsu." he said, softly. "It's been a real
long time for me."

Hitsugi fiddled for a moment, then reached over Daishi for his
nightstand, looking for lube and a condom he knew was there. Requests
didn't happen like this very often if at all.

He went about preparing Daishi, keeping him distracted with attention
on the biker's cock, nuzzling and licking as he worked on himself,
slipping the condom on and then fumbling with the lube.

Daishi arched his back as he felt Hitsugi's fingers prod him. It had
been so long...he didn't trust just anybody to do this with.
Still...it would be nice. It always was. Besides, he knew full well
that Hitsugi would be too sore to take the bottom anyway.

Not that the dancer would've complained, but he'd never really been
given the chance to be tops before, well not until now. He probed the
biker a bit more, making sure he was sufficiently stretched and moved
up between his legs.

Hitsugi worked into position and then leaned down, placing a gentle
kiss on Daishi's stomach. He took hold of the other's hips and entered

Daishi bit his lip as he felt the intrusion. It had been so long...
slowly, he began to move his hips against the dancer, gripping at the
bedsheets with both hands.

One hand fluttered around Daishi's shaft to stroke it, the other
stayed at the biker's hip, helping him find leverage to start to pound
into Daishi. Hitsugi moaned as he rocked his hips against and into the

Daishi cried out softly as he was ridden, soft, keening cries of
pleasure he was unable to control. He thrust his hips up sharply,
striving to urge Hitsugi on faster, and deeper.

"That's it... that's it, Daishi. Beg for it." Hitsugi gasped as he
forced himself on. Harder, deeper, faster. To reach so deeply to hit
the sweet spot. To make Daishi scream. That was Hitsugi's goal as he
continued to pound into the older man, calling out with each thrust.

Daishi cried about again. "Hitsu...please..." he rasped. "Harder
Hitsu...be rough..." like Tatsuya had been. It would start gentle and
become rough, only to have his lover soothe him once again. Daishi
felt as though he were sixteen again as he writhed under Hitsugi, both
in memory, and in vigor. "Hitsu..." he cried again, a little louder.

The dancer took hold of Daishi's hips, gripping them tightly he pulled
the biker down hard on his pelvis with each thrust. "I'm gonna fuck
you so hard that you scream. You gonna scream, Daishi? Scream for me."
Hitsugi pounded the biker with all he had, trying to give Daishi what
he craved, what he wanted.

"Hai...hai..." Daishi whined, tears of pleasure and pain stinging his
eyes. Yes, he loved it rough, perhaps a little too rough, but Tatsuya
had always held him close afterwards...and that sweet reward was the
best part of all. Okay...make that the second best part. Daishi cried
out, a yelp rising to a scream, as he called for Hitsugi, loving the
feeling of being pinned and helpless. It was such a rare thing these

Hitsugi grinned, grabbing hold of Daishi's shaft and pumping him
roughly in time with his thrusts. The scream was music to his ears as
he felt that familiar pressure build in his groin, his eyes rolling
back in his head and calling out Daishi's name as he came.

Daishi screamed for Hitsugi to spur him on, and slipped back into his
usual keening cries and yelps as he felt his lover stiffen, signaling
that he was on the cusp of orgasm. Once he climaxed, Hitsugi's hand
pumped him more roughly then before, leading him over the edge as

Hitsugi felt the fluid cover his hand and stomach. He'd be a mess, but
he didn't care. After his lover had climaxed, Hitsugi with drew from
Daishi and started to lick the biker clean. As he did, he didn't use
the stud, no need to get Daishi all worked up again. Not like he could
have at this point.

Daishi's chest and stomach rose and fell with deep, heavy breaths
under Hitsugi's tounge. Lazily, he reached out to stroke his fingers
through the dancer's hair.

"There." Hitsugi said softly. "All clean." He watched Daishi as he
removed the condom and then laid down next to him, to cuddle. He
draped an arm over Daishi's chest and pressed his body against
Daishi's side. He was all smiles and quite content.

Daishi pulled him close, resting his head against Hitsugi's chest. "I
guess this means another shower." he teased.

"I think it does too." Hitsugi laughed. The dancer was glad to have
someone to hold after that, it wasn't something he got often whether he
was top or bottom.

Daishi yawned. "Not now, though." he replied. "I don't wanna move.
You're good, Hitsu." he murmured. "Haven't had that in years."

"Wanna cat nap?" Hitsugi asked, placing a soft kiss on Daishi's
temple. He hadn't been this content in a long time. It was everything
to be loved and adored and the former bosozoku did it well.

"Yeah." Daishi sighed, resting his head against Hitsugi's chest with a
slight smile, and closing his eyes. It wasn't long before he'd drifted
off to sleep. Daishi rarely slept beside his lovers. Letting your
guard down just wasn't a good idea. Still, his his instinct told him
this was okay, and he'd learned through the years to always trust his

Hitsugi watched him sleep for awhile, occasionally brushing the hair
from his face, out of his eyes and making sure that his lover was
comfortable. That's what he'd become... from rude john in a club to a
handsome lover.

He never thought this would be the case. He laid his head above
Daishi's and slept, content for the first time in a long time.
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