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The blonde brushes his bangs from his face as he hops of the subway in Shinjuku, he's carrying a bag over his fragile shoulder and yawns slightly behind a well manicured hand as he makes his way from the train and out into the

Bou is on his way to work, yet another night with people that wanted entertainment and flirtatious smiles. He could easily provide that, and especially tonight, with the new outfit he had sewn. A black and pink outifit in a gauzy fabric. Some patches were see through and some weren't, everything to taunt the public just right! He knew he had a great body, and did his best to show it of perfectly. A tiny, almost ripped top and longnflowing skirt - yes, that will do, that will certainly do!

He smiled slightly as he walked up on the street were Nine Sprial was located, and he walked slightly faster as if wanting to get that faster. Black frilly skirt and knitted sweater under a dufflejacket probably makes him look like a girl with a huge bag on her shoulder, creating looks from men all around. But he doesn't care and moves on, hastily, and doesn't stop till he walks into the club. But not before turning and giving some men that checked him out a hot look over his shoulder. More costumers perhaps?

Bou giggled cutely, pouting glossed lips behind one hand and disappears into the dark club. Yes, this was going to be a good night.

[[I know that my grammar really sucks and I'm hoping to learn more, especially now in this community. So I'd appreciate if you guys would correct me when I'm wrong. Not all the time, but you know what I mean. Thanks! ^^ Nice to be here, by the way! xD]]
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