Nero (bl4ck_neroism) wrote in hana_no_tokyo,

...fading into brilliance...

...blossoming into memory...

The neon lights of club names and local bars signs of the entertainment centre in Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku, Tokyo alighted the early night with a synthetic florescence.

Bright. Artificial. Just like a smile. Just like happiness.

One passes the guarded doors of Tokyo's finest nighclubs along the way with bouncers keeping the impatient Tokyoites in lines wrapped around corners. Everyone is dressed nice and to impress as the day dies and night blossoms. And in Tokyo, the flowers come out to blossom in the moonlight.

Nightclubs and strip clubs with endless supplies to their bars and entertainment are enough to satisfy anyones cravings from drinks to dancing to maybe a little something extra. Hire a host for a dance or an hour or the rest of the night.

Just be sure to pay and enjoy the ride.


Welcome to Tokyo Flowers, a roleplaying game where Asian musicians become unique characters you play in a real life setting revolving around the nightclub and sex industry of Tokyo, Japan.

Feel free to look around and possible join by claiming your muse and sending in an application... <3
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