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Flowers of Tokyo | The Second Blossoming

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Hana no Tokyo :: Tokyo Flowers
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Welcome to Tokyo Flowers --
Tokyo Flowers is an interactive storytelling game known as "role play", where one picks a muse from the Asian music industry as his or her own character to integrate into a massive, multi-player story mostly centered around the sex industry in Asia.

Prostitutes, gang members, sleazy politicians, and even innocent civilians make up this massive interactive story that will end only when you decide it to. (I.E. Having your character die, be killed, or move away from the story.)

One isn't required to play a sex industry courtesan to be part of the story. We encourage a wide range of characters that may even include high-standing law enforcement, wealthy businessmen, or even housewives! This game isn't about playing a role for the sake of playing -- it's about expanding your mind and exercising your creativity.

Feel free to come in and make yourself comfortable as you browse through this community and the garden of Tokyo. We hope you'll decide to be one of our players by the time you leave...

The theme of Tokyo Flowers is to play a character how you percieve them to be in your write-up. You do not have to play the character as their image says, but how you say they are. It's strictly up to you on how you play the muse. If you don't like the idea or if you are hell bent that there's a specific way to play the person then do not join. There are plenty of other RP communities for that. If you don't mind, then please feel free to join.

I hope you will all enjoy your time spent at this community but as always there's a couple of rules to follow.

This is an AU community which means that you can rp pretty much anything as long as it goes with the storyline and your character's personality. There will be a claims list of characters, just like every other community. So please if there's a particular character you want. Hurry up and claim him/her. Again, anything goes or can happen in this RPG. But, to make sure you are actually reading this I would like you to mention somewhere in your application about "flower blossoms" or "flower gardens".

This is a Asian music role play, we will accept J-rock, J-pop, K-pop K-rock and C-rock.

There are five clubs available to work at if that is employment you want for your character. They are also the main settings for this RPG and go as follow:

nine spiral

Kabukicho, Shinjuku
Owned: Takehashi Youji
Managed: Isshi & Toshiya
Staffed: Full, no openings
Average Drink: Y1300
Music: Variety

The Nine Spiral is a strip club of the classy variety. Dancers perform in miniature type lounges where well-to-do salarymen sit around a small, circular table-stage, drinks in hand. These table-stages have a metal pole going through the center which dancers in various states of disrobement writhe against. Traditional Japanese screens seperate the little lounges, creating a private kind of atmosphere for the men to enjoy their show. Of course, this is just the legit aspect of the club. Those in the know have but to say a few select words to the manager, and their dancer will become available for a 'private' show in the VIP rooms on the second floor. These VIP rooms are small bedrooms with painted doors. Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, black, pink, orange and silver. Dancers are chosen from a book containing their pictures and profiles. Customers pay for the dancers in time brackets; always in half-hour intervals -- 30 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half, etc. This fee doesn't include drinks or tips.


Average Drink: Y1000
Music: House/Trance
Owned: Yoshimasa Tohru
Managed: n/a
Staffed: Openings available
Dress code enforced at all times, no ripped jeans or workboots.

Located in Shibuya, [s]yste[m] is a one-story establishment whose brilliant white surfaces reflect shades of blue, red and purple that are cast throughout the club. The neon glows create a landscape fitting for a Delacroix painting.

Upon entrance, partygoers are taken up a dazzling white staircase that leads to the main dance floor, where DJs spin the best house and trance there is to offer in Asia.

For those who need a little kick of alcohol, a circular bar rises beyond the dancefloor -- but no barstools along this bar. It's far too trendy for something as inconvenient as barstools to block the lights that radiate from it. Instead, it is adjacent to stools that sit below a ledge protruding from one of the artistically cut walls.

VIP and A-listers have the choice of holding private parties in one of the private rooms that [s]yste[m] has to offer.


Owned: Nobuki Sai
Managed: Lida
Staffed: Openings available
Average Drink: Y700
Music: House, Trance, Rap, Reggae, Jungle
No ripped jeans, scruffy sneakers or workboots allowed.

Se7en, located in Roppongi, the most exciting part of Tokyo, offers daily specials to satisfy even the residents of the most trendiest district's thirst for the best in nightlife and entertainment. Inside the Se7en nightclub there are three full service bars, multiple pool tables, and plenty of videos with all the latest hits, and a big screen television for special events. In addition, Se7en has a separate retro lounge complete with dance floor and incredible sound and lighting system. Se7en's sensational space is perfect for hosting private parties and promotional events as well as the intoxicating daily line-up it already offers. Se7en's dynamic DJs spin the hottest new music and videos every night.

jazzy kissa

Owned: Umino Seiji
Managed: n/a
Staffed: Openings available.
Average Drink: Y1300
Music: Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, moderate Hiphop
Patrons must dress appropriately. No jeans, sneakers, or workboots allowed.

Located at the top of one of Roppangi's many skyscrapers, Jazzy Kissa is indeed at the height of Tokyo nightlife. Funky jazz or blues beats float through the lounge-type atmosphere of the place, often performed by live musicians on a center stage. Famous Western acts, such as the world-renowned Josh Groban, have even performed at Jazzy Kissa. Local favorites, Birdland, a Japanese act specializing in Charlie Parker covers, is the house band, performing when booked acts aren't available or before and after their sets. Aside from drinks, Western-style appetizers are available.


Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku
Owned: Minasoto Kaneshiro
Managed: n/a
Staffed: Openings available.
Average Drink: Y1100
Music: Varies
Dress code imposed at all times.

A bi-level establishment situated in the glitter of Kabuki-cho, Everglow is a club that caters to the trendiest of Tokyoites.

The entire locale is filled with tables -- for patron use. More often than not, hosts and hostesses entertain guests at these tables, through the gentle trickle of music through speakers that emanate soft, unintrusive light with every beat.

Filled with beautiful hosts and hostesses, the venue's most impressive feat is not the incredible decor throughout the bar.

Rather, it is the unisex bathroom on the second floor.

A mirrored room that boasts clear floor-to-ceiling rooms that act as individual bathrooms -- complete with tiny sinks -- the translucent doors fog up when the lock is clicked into place for privacy.

A corridor next to the bathroom on the second floor leads to the private VIP rooms that Everglow offer for those who want a little more privacy.

deadkittyshow :: Nik :: Storyteller
sings_the_past :: Kash :: Co-Storyteller
hazeltea :: Nikki :: Co-Storyteller

1. Check Claims List before applying for a muse/character to play to be sure the one you want is available.

2. Please have a character journal for the muse. This means a seperate one from your own journal. This is necessary for this RPG so you can post your scenes/logs to the community. This seperate journal for the character can also be used to record their feelings and views, like a pillow book or journal in real life, which can be kept private or shared.

3. Keep your drama OOC. There is a no tolerance rule involving drama that affects the game. We're here to write. Not have catfights. If you can't resolve it yourself, come to a staff member and we'll see what we can do to help you out. If you can't be mature enough to handle yourself around people without causing problems, there will be a warning issued for you to cool your jets. Then, if it continues, you will be asked to leave the community.

4. No powergaming. If you don't know how to give, then you will not take.

5. There is no limit on the number of characters you can have. However, we require that a new character post a scene or introduction solo within a week of their announcement. If a character is inactive for two months or more without a post, they will be cut and their position/avatar will become available, unless they speak with administration about their character going on hiatus for story or RL reasons.

6. This game is run on the concept of Social Darwinism, where if you are strong you will survive.

This is not real life. This is a writing community, and though our muses are strong, some things just will not be tolerated. We promise to be fair if you promise to be (somewhat) mature.

More to come as they arise. <3

Happy Role Playing!

Muses and Their Muns

"Bou" bouchan Poshie pinkubou [Dancer @ Nine Spiral]

“Nero” bl4ck_neroism Nik deadkittyshow [ Host @ Everglow ]
“Gara” omohide_sunset Kash deadkittyshow [ Bartender @ Everglow ]
"Ken" velvtrevolution Andi nu clear iris [ Bartender @ Everglow ]

“Yomi” risen_nightmare Kash wolfschen [ Bouncer @ Se7en ]
“Hitsugi” painted_casket Kash wolfschen [ Dancer @ Nine Spiral ]

Psycho le Cemu
“Daishi” kajinaga Nikki Madlovescience [ Motorcyle Repair @ none ]
“Aya” pinkupanties Nikki Madlovescience [ Dancer @ Nine Spiral ]
“Lida” n/a Nikki Madlovescience [ Manager @ Se7en ]

Dir en Grey
“Toshiya” shall0w_mask Numb3rs deadkittyshow [ “Madam” @ Nine Spiral ]
"Kaoru" amethyst__moon Mistress niikura sama [ Dancer @ Nine Spiral ]
"Die" dieforme21 Mel AndouDaisuki [ Cop @ none ]

“Isshi” madam_isshi Kash wolfschen [ Manager @ Nine Spiral ]

“Aiji” xdancingclown Andi nu clear iris [ Bartender @ [s]yste[m] ]

“Hakuei” pinkcellophane Andi nu clear iris [ Bouncer @ Nine Spiral ]

Solo Artists / Ex-Bands
“Ayumi Hamasaki” sugarcndy_baby Numb3rs deadkittyshow [ Dancer @ Nine Spiral ]
“Hakuei” pinkcellophane Andi nu clear iris [ Bouncer @ Nine Spiral ]

You need to email me the application to o2b2insane [at] gmail [dot] com or send over AIM to the SN ( deadkittyshow ). Don't be offended if your application is rejected, just re-work it and modify before sending it in again. It's nothing personal. I just use my judgement whether I feel you are qualified based primarily on your writing skills and and creativity in character's write-up.

Character Write-up
Additional Comments (if you have any)

IMPORTANT :: I expect all players in this RP to be mature individuals who want to write. Not people who need this to assert some unknown sort of dominance on other people. Therefore, people who play this game must learn how to give, and not take all the time. These instructions are written for people who know how to not powergame, for people who know when weakness is necessary, and when strength is required.
Character sheets

Basic character writeups are to include the following information and should be submitted in application as well as posted in your character's user info:

Muse :: Your muse. The artist you're using/playing and band.
Name :: Your character's name. Duh.
Player :: That's you, and the AIM screenname you'd like to be reached at.
Journal :: Character's livejournal username.
Occupation :: Their job, and if they work in a club, then which of the five they're employed at.
Appearance :: A writeup on how your character looks, which can extend to their manner of dress, mannerisms, and even speech patterns.
Background :: Your character's history, up to the current point in time.
Activities :: What your character can be found doing regularly, where they are on oftentimes, or how they can be reached.
Ideals/Motivation :: What makes your character tick? A little bit of something where you can outline your character's outlook on life and their psychology (if needed).
Attitude :: A quote for the character.


Note :: Lots of Rules and Info borrowed from __z and kabukiarc.