Niikura Kaoru (amethyst__moon) wrote in hana_no_tokyo,
Niikura Kaoru


Muse :: Niikura Kaoru/Dir en Grey
Name :: Kaoru
Player :: Niikura sama
Journal :: amethyst__moon
Occupation :: Dancer at Nine Spiral

Appearance :: One thing that a passerby would notice first would be a mix of light and dark purples framing the dancers face, his hawkish features and thin lips that were almost never in the form of a smile. Niikura Kaoru is a dancer at a night club called Nine Spiral, and has a wicked habit of driving his customers crazy for him with that one little glare that could send shivers down ones back; feeling like a tiny spider was crawling over their skin. While when working he barely wore anything, a see through thing, matching see through kimono over it, he always tended to cover up his thin form when out; though he did wear tight fitting clothes, usually leather or PVC. Kaoru takes his job very seriously, always on time and always working hard. He respects his manager, his Madam greatly as they hold his income and credibility in their hands.

Background :: The dancer lived a decent life, not rich, not poor. Middle class. His father had died when he was young, leaving his mother to raise him but he was an only child so she didn’t have too much of a problem. In fact, she didn’t really have any problems at all as respect had been drilled into the little boy from the moment he could understand speech. Out of all the people he has met in his life he respected his mother the most, looked up to her as raising even only one child by herself was a success. He often visits her, taking her goodies from the city, the magazines she loves to read while relaxing. Kaoru visits her almost every weekend, after dancing for a few years and saving his money he was able to put her up in a little cottage just outside the city, able to visit her when he pleases.
Activities :: When he isn’t dancing the purple haired beauty was often at the local bookstore, loving to buy, read, and save his mangas plus the small collection of fantasy novels he had enjoyed when reading them. He is always accessible to work, cell phone always on and always with him.

Ideals/Motivation :: The one huge motivation for Kaoru to become a successful dancer was to get his mother living closer to him and out of the house that had depressed her when she was alone in it. After achieving his goal he didn’t quit dancing as he enjoys it greatly, it’s a high for him to be able to get on the little stage and make everyone watching his lithe form move want him.

Attitude :: "Beware of ordinary life, reach for something finer, greater."
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