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Ikari Mitsuo

A Private Engagement

[Characters: Daishi, Hitsugi; NC-17]

The night was young. The doors had only been open for an hour and Hitsugi was still putting the finishing touches on his makeup. Body glitter had already been applied, minimal piercings, his hair was pulled back from his face in almost red and black rows, the rest spiking out behind him. He hadn't even chosen his kimono for the night yet...

With a sigh, Hitsugi got up and chose his dress for the evening. A red and black strappy job, with buckles and chains and leather mixed with heavy red silk and satin. He made sure the garters were in place as well as his stockings... giving himself one final look in the mirror, he nodded to himself in approval and exited the dressing room, heading for the bar to see about a glass of water.

Daishi was becoming a regular at Nine Spiral, and with good reason. The staff had taken a liking to him, and he to them, to the point of feeling almost protective of the dancers, his dancers. The obi he carried proved that. It had been a few days since his run in with Hitsugi, and he decided to check up on him. This time he had brought a gift, as well.

Hitsugi kindly thanked the bar tender as he handed the dancer his water. It was slow to start, but he knew that the night would get faster, he wasn't as popular as some so his dancing wouldn't start until much later that evening.

Daishi was seated at a table, and didn't bother to open the menu. Grinning as he let the hostess pour his sake, he asked, "Is Hitsugi here tonight?"

"He is." The hostess replied with a smile. "Shall I fetch him for you?"

Daishi nodded, with a smirk.

"Very well." The girl took the menu and headed off in search of the dancer.

Hitsugi was spotted at the bar and he was quietly informed that he had a client. Finishing the last of his water and with one last makeup check, Hitsugi made his way to the table that he'd been requested at. He blinked, not expecting to see Daishi so soon. "Good evening, Daishi-san." Hitsugi said with a warm smile.

Daishi smiled. "Hello, Hitsu." he said, with a small smile. "How's school working out?" he asked, curiously.

"It's working out well. I'm sure business is well for you?" Hitsugi climbed on the table and rather than standing before Daishi, he sat down in front of the other. Daishi got a good look at Hitsugi's legs.

Daishi admired them briefly. "Business is good, i just finished a bike." he replied. The illegal side of business was doing well, also. Daishi met Hitsugi's eyes. "I have something for you, for good luck in school." Daishi took Hitsugi's hand and faced it upwards, placing a cellophane bag tied off with ribbon in his palm.

Hitsugi raised an eyebrow. A gift was unusual from a client, even one that was a VIP. "It's not going to explode if I open it?" He asked with a grin and started to untie the ribbon on the bag.

Daishi laughed as Hitsugi pulled the ribbon and peeked inside to see a pile of smooth brown lumps.

Hitsugi didn't comment on what he thought it was, that would be rude. Instead, he turned the bag over and dumped the contense into his hand.

The bag was too full to empty into his palm. The small pebbles were glossy, and reflected the light. "They're chocolate covered espresso beans." Daishi explained. "You eat them, and they help you stay awake."

Hitsugi laughed. "Now you're trying to ruin my figure." He was joking of course, and he was thankful for the small gift. It amused him to no end. "Thank you, Daishi-san." With that the catlike dancer put his finger under Daishi's chin and pulled him forward for a soft kiss.

Daishi leaned forward and accepted the soft kiss, running his hands down Hitsugi's arms as he finally pulled away.

"So, what would you request of me this evening?" Hitsugi asked as he placed his gift in one of his kimono sleeves.

"A dance would be nice." Daishi smiled, leaning back with his sake in one hand to admire Hitsugi.

"As you wish." Hitsugi rose to his feet and as the music started he rode the pole to the music, slowly removing his garments before Daishi's eyes. It appeared that Hitsugi's routine changed with his costume. But at the same time, he knew what Daishi liked, so each view that the VIP had of Hitsugi was either his garters, his panties or his crotch.

Daishi sighed contently as he watched the show unfold before him. He was starting to come to terms with the thought that Hitsugi had a life outside of Nine Spiral. His gift helped him smooth over that rift in his conscience, and he could believe, while watching Hitsugi, that the dancer honestly enjoyed his routine for him. His eyes followed the graceful movement of the silken kimono, each spin and twirl revealing a hint of garters and lace.

As the song wound down, Hitsugi was on his knees before Daishi. His body was damp with sweat, the kimono forgotten, the dancer was wearing nothing more but his garters and g-string. He took the obi from his costume and cast it out, catching it behind Daishi's neck. The dancer wriggled forward, still on his knees and pulling Daishi to him. "Go on," The dancer urged. "Take it off."

Daishi clamped his mouth over Hitsugi's, and drew his hands across his backside, squeezing slightly before pulling the ties at his side loose to let the skimpy undergarments fall to the table.

Hitsugi moaned into the kiss, pulling back to the pole and naked save for the stockings, he slid down the pole, his arms over his head and spreading his legs wide as he slipped down to almost the table. The music finished and Hitsugi stayed there, spread before Daishi and glistening with a light sheen of sweat.

The dancer waited to be told to move.

Daishi licked his lips. "I want to buy more time. In private." he rasped.

Inwardly, Hitsugi smiled. This time he hoped to do more than just give a blow job. "Then I shall meet you in the red room. Please notify a hostess before you make your way back. The dancer moved to cover himself with his kimono, not bothering to put the undergarments back on... he disappeared into the back room to refresh himself quickly, pull on his robe and meet Daishi. This time, he decided that he'd wear nothing but his stockings. He also remembered to fix his makeup, still disturbing that same corner of his mouth like always.

Daishi nodded, and sipped the rest of his drink thoughtfully before making his way back to the red door to the room that he and Hitsugi had spent time in previously.

And Hitsugi was waiting for him, on the bed and in much the same position he'd found him in before. Only this time the red robe was wide open, giving Daishi a nice view. "Like what you see?" the dancer asked with a laugh.

Daishi eyed Hitsugi's stockings and garters, and his cock, red and stiff with blood. Daishi grinned as he approached the bed. "Course I do, and you look like you like it too." he purred.

"Always." Some more than others, he didn't finish the thought aloud and sitting up to help Daishi with his shirt.

Daishi let him pull the shirt over his shoulders, revealing a large, fading bruise over his stomach. Daishi moved Hitsugi's hands lower, to his belt buckle.

The dancer started at the bruise briefly but recovered quickly. He licked at Daishi's stomach to distract himself and started to work on the belt buckle and fly. Hitsugi looked up at Daishi as his hot, pink tounge slipped out to caress the smooth skin of Daishi's stomach. He could feel the tickle of the stud in the dancer's tounge.

Undoing the fly of the VIPs pants, Hitsugi let one of his hands caress Daishi's hardened member.

Daishi closed his eyes to a slit and groaned under Hitsugi's attention. He was beginning to think that all men should pierce their tounges, just for this exquisite feeling. "Hitsu." Daishi whispered. "I wanna take you tonight." He slid his fingers through Hitsugi's stiff hair, his fingertips catching on the hard, sticky gel.

"Then I'm yours." Hitsugi responded softly. "Do what you will with me."

Daishi leaned down to gaze into Hitsugi's eyes, for if there were no lust in them, he could not go through with this. Daishi dug into his pocket for the condom he'd stashed there earlier that evening. "You sure?" he asked, softly.

"Yes." Hitsugi said as he leaned back on his elbows, watching Daishi prepare. For added effect, he ran his own hand down his chest and stroked himself lightly, just enough to bring him more to attention. The obi that Daishi was given made Hitsugi his, for well, all intents and purposes in Nine Spiral only.

Daishi kicked off his slacks and tore open the small package eagerly, though he didn't let his emotions show through his face. He paused, distracted by Hitsugi's movement, as he pulled the slick latex onto place over his hardened member.

As if on cue, the whore seemingly spread his stocking clad legs for Daishi, his hand still lightly touching himself. Hitsugi's eyes were begging for Daishi to take him.

Daishi approached the bed, eyes glued to Hitsugi's spread legs. Crawling forward on the mattress, he straddled Hitsugi and pushed him back against the pillows, biting at his neck, grinding his groin against Hitsugi's hip as he did so.

"Ah!" Hitsugi cried out as Daishi nipped at the sensitive flesh of the dancer's neck. His hands instantly went to clutch as his back and in his hair, whimpering at the attention and trying to grind back.

"Like that, do you, Hitsu?" Daishi chuckled into Hitsugi's ear, darting his tounge into it as he whispered. Daishi's fingers found Hitsugi's nipple and pinched it, gently, to see the dancer's reaction.

"There's a lot I like." The dancer whispered between the attention of the older man's hands.. Every touch and caress that Daishi gave to Hitsugi's body made him writhe. He was sensitive and highly prone to over stimulation...

Daishi chuckled, and continued his assault, moving lower to take Hitsugi's nipples in his teeth as he slid his hands between Hitsugi's legs, massaging his testicles lightly before gently stretching him.

Hitsugi pushed himself into Daishi's hands with a shiver. The attention to his nipples were driving him crazy. The dancer spread his legs wider for the former biker and then whimpered softly as his body was manipulated.

Daishi growled as he decided Hitsugi was ready, and drove into the dancer in one swift, strong motion, clutching onto Hitsugi's wrists as he pinned him to the bed with his strokes. His breathing became ragged, and his focus narrowed to the task at hand, and the dancer beneath him.

With each assault, the dancer cried out, his hips rising up to meet Daishi's with each thrust and all but thrashing under the former biker. To get more of the sensation he craved, Hitsugi wrapped his silk clad legs around Daishi's waist, looking to bring him closer to that spot.

Daishi's pace quickened, thrusting deeper into Hitsugi as he let out small, stifled cries. His fingers wrapped around Hitsugi's cock and worked it in time with his own movements.

"Ah~! D-daishi...h-harder... fuck me h-harder." Usually he didn't request such things, but this was different. Daishi was different, the sex was rough but there was an actual feeling with it.

Daishi complied with the request, growling and whimpering both as he drove harder and faster, wincing as his bruise felt the aftershocks of their groins slapping together with loud slapping noises. Soon, Daishi's spine stiffened and he was overtaken by his climax, crying out loudly as he came inside of his dancer's tight heat.

Hitsugi cried out, his back arching as he came in Daishi's hand. He shivered and unwrapped his legs, his body covered in a thin sheen of sweat, trying to even out his breathing and calm down. It had been good. Better than he'd had in a long time.

Daishi shivered as he pulled himself free of Hitsugi, and wiped his hands on a towel arranged by a vintage washbasin. Hitsugi could clearly see the tattoo now, insanely intricate black ink lines depicted a Chinese lion rising from his tail bone to his shoulder blades. Hitsugi blanched at how brave he must be to endure that much pain.

"Did... it hurt?" Hitsugi found himself asking before he could stop himself.

"Did what hurt?" Daishi asked. "The sex?"

"Nono... the tattoo." He said as he sat up and went to join the other at the basin to clean himself up. Once he had eradicated the traces of their love making, Hitsugi retrieved his robe and wrapped it around him.

Hitsugi nodded and then lit a few candles about the room and then retook his place on the bed.

Daishi strode over to the bed, and slinked his arms around Hitsugi's waist. "Do you like it?"

"Mmm. I do. How long did it take?" Hitsugi asked as he leaned back in the older man's arms.

"Three weeks." Daishi replied. "Not constantly, of course."

"Hmmm... I've been debating one for awhile... can you suggest a tattoo artist?"

Daishi's lips quirked up in a grin. "I would, only he's been out of the business for awhile. See, I'm an old man."

Hitsugi looked up at the other, leaning his head back on Daishi's naked shoulder. "Really? You don't seem old to me."

"Twenty-nine." he chuckled. "Old for a young thing like you. You look barely out of high school."

"M'twenty-two." Hitsugi said quietly as he nuzzled Daishi's neck.

"Mm." Daishi sighed. Oh, he could get used to this.

Hitsugi found his lips slowly latching on to Daishi's neck again. It was so easy to do and he didn't think that Daishi was done with him yet.

"I like you, Hitsu." Daishi murmured, as Hitsugi broke the contact to plead with Daishi with his eyes. "I wanna see you soon."

"I should hope so." Hitsugi smiled and then took a seat on the bed... "Is there anything else you request of me?"

Daishi shook his head. "You did good, kid," he said, pressing a wad of bills into Hitsugi's hand. "I'll let them know you're the best."

Hitsugi blinked at the yen in his hand. "Is this... a tip?" He asked as he looked at Daishi. Usually he was paid for his time at the counter and he got a cut of that.

"Yeah." Daishi said. "If they tip you some other way, don't mention I gave that to you. And Hitsu...thank you."

"For what?" Hitsugi put the money in his robe and laid out on the bed, watching the other. He'd never been thanked before.

Daishi raised an eyebrow. "For what just happened." he said, quietly.

"It was nothing. No need to thank me. Are you going to dress or are you going to walk out there with nothing on?"

Daishi grinned."depends,is everyone here as generous with their affections as you are?" he asked, as he reached for his shirt.

The dancer looked thoughtful. "Toshiya, maybe."

Daishi grinned as he finished dressing. "What about the pink gal?"

"Depends on her mood. She can be sweet one minute and a total bitch the next. She changes her costumes to suit her mood." Hitsugi grinned

Daishi smiled down at him. "I'll be wanting to see you though." he replied. Daishi was still feeling proud that Hitsugi had chosen him above the other men, and so quickly.

"I'll be looking forward to your visits."

Daishi's eyes softened a moment before he turned to go.

Hitsugi watched him leave, a smile playing on his lips, why he didn't know. But something... something about that man made him want more. With a slightly frustrated sigh, he got up and left the room, ducking back though the cooridoor that lead to the dancer's dressing room. His shift wasn't over yet and he still had more guests to entertain.
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